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The Bosch Washer & Dryer Contest


Participate to WIN!

The Bosch Washer & Dryer features an intelligent network of sensors making Bosch one of the most efficient washer and dryer brands.


  • The washer only uses 130 kWh per year exceeding the Federal Energy Standards by up to 120%.
  • EcoAction option reduces energy usage by up to 10% for the dryer and 20% for the washer.
  • One of the quietest washer and dryers in Canada.
  • ActiveWater turns 13 gallons into 400 gallons of washing power.

How to win:

Participating in any of the following will grant one (1) ballot.

  • Participate in any FOR HOME saveONenergy program.
    • COUPONS - Send us proof of coupon redemption (use 5 coupons get 5 ballots). 
    • HEATING & COOLING INITIATIVE – send us proof of heating & cooling incentive installation.
    • FRIDGE & FREEZER PICKUP – send us proof of a fridge or freezer pickup (1 ballot for each appliance picked up.
    • peaksaver – have a peaksaver thermostat installed. 
  • Have a Home Energy Audit completed on your home. Professional auditors can be found by visiting
  • Sign-up for e-billing .
  • Sign-up for preauthorized payments .  
  • Receive a ballot for new connections requiring a layout (includes microFIT & FIT) completed or in progress during the contest dates.
  • Sign-up to receive our quarterly conservation e-Newsletter by sending your email address to

Contest ends on December 30, 2011. Draw will take place on January 16, 2012.

Please read the full contest details and rules here.

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